Tenant Coordinator

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The Tenant Coordinator is responsible for working in conjunction with the leasing and legal teams from initial lease negotiations through tenant openings, with the primary goal of delivering the space on time and within budget. The ideal candidate will work through the lease negotiation process, will advance project design, and will handle all aspects of landlord’s work. This position will also work closely with other in-house departments including operations, construction, and development, as well as with outside consultants, city officials and contractors. Our Tenant Coordinators efficiently organize and actively motivate tenants through the entire TC process.

The successful candidate will manage all phases of development and construction of assigned retail properties and must be able to:

• Coordinate with Leasing and Legal departments during lease negotiation to review and produce work letters, budgets and exhibits which include Landlord’s work, tenant design criteria, and LODs

• Upon lease execution, retain and oversee the design team of architects and engineers in the development of construction documents for Landlord’s work, coordinate and review construction documents for completeness and consistency with the requirements of the lease

• Prepare bid package for distribution in accordance with company policies and procedures, review bids upon receipt for completeness and compliance with project budgets

• Manage the permitting and execution of Landlord’s work, working with the design team and contractor to ensure that all delivery conditions and timing are in compliance with the lease requirements; this includes development and monitoring of project schedule, facilitating regular on-site meetings with the project team to review progress, timely resolution of conflicts, and review of potential change orders

• Establish working relationships with Tenants and coordinate timely submission of plans for Tenant’s Work as prescribed in the lease documents

• Complete design and constructability reviews of tenant document submissions and communicate corrections and modifications to meet established criteria and design intent established in the lease

• Monitor and assist Tenants with timely procurement of permits for Tenant’s Work; ensure submission of permits and required insurance prior to commencement of Tenant’s Work

• Monitor progress of Tenant’s Work to ensure compliance with approved Tenant Plans and timely completion and opening

• Upon completion of Tenant’s Work, obtain “as-built” drawings from Tenant & closeout of the Tenant’s construction process

Job Qualifications:

Candidates must be able to:

• Rapidly absorb and understand new information and assets

• Analyze and organize information, discern key elements and identify relationships between them

• Use logic and common sense in decision-making, moving quickly or deliberately as appropriate

• Quickly grasp abstract, conceptual matters

• Show imagination in developing new, creative approaches to problems or in modifying existing approaches

• Create sensible, realistic and practical solutions

• Be intellectually honest, “play fair” and “do the right thing”

• Overcome obstacles with available resources and “do it now”

• Efficiently and productively plan, organize, budget, schedule and execute assigned tasks; manage multiple assignments and priorities; always have contingency plans; adapt quickly to changing circumstances and priorities

• Be solution driven

• Perform under heavy time and workload pressure

• Be personable, likable, a listener and a team player

• Communicate effectively orally and in writing one-on-one, in small groups and in public; be comfortable with everyone from the field property manager to the CEO; when necessary, be assertive without being abrasive


• Bachelor’s degree preferred

• One to three (1-3) years’ experience in architecture, engineering, construction or real estate development with a strong emphasis on designing and building retail projects

• Basic understanding of the land use entitlement, development, and construction processes

• Knowledge of design and construction technology related to sitework, structure, MEP, and roofing sufficient to recognize potential issues with design and/or construction in progress