Who We Are


Office Therapy Dog and Hunter Extraordinaire

Bowie is a Lagotto Romagnolo whose Italian ancestors were hunting dogs and water retrievers. Because of their keen sense of smell, Lagotti are now trained to search for truffles since unlike pigs, they show no desire to eat truffles.  Bowie too, has demonstrated great perseverance and extraordinary talent at hunting down and sniffing out what he wants.  If we tell him to find something, albeit, usually a tennis ball, he will find it and bring it to us. He can also be very vocal at letting us know what he wants if his needs are not being met.  All terrific qualities in a steadfast, diligent headhunter.  If you would like to meet Bowie and have him sniff out the right talent for you or hunt down your perfect next job, he will be happy to do a video call with you.