See what our clients and candidates have said about their experiences with Marcus & Associates.

  • Working with Marcus & Associates has been a great way to expand our firm. John takes the time to understand my firm and the position and it shows in the candidates referred. I can trust that candidates from John will have the technical background and experience that the job requires as well as interest and experience in our industry. To date, we are more likely to extend an offer to candidates from Marcus & Associates than any other recruiting source.

    Jacob S., Director, Top Consulting Firm
  • After taking many years off from my career to raise a family, I started to wonder whether it would be possible for me to go back to work. I contacted Ellen, who used to help me quite a bit prior to taking my time off, to seek her advice. With her superb expertise and connections in the financial services industry she quickly connected me with the right people, and I have secured an opportunity with a great corporate program with unlimited potential. Thank you, Ellen!

    Esther J., CPA
  • The team at Marcus and Associates has been instrumental in my career development over the last several years. Not only did they place me at a great company, they stayed in touch throughout my career advancement and even networked for me when I relocated to a different state. When you build a relationship with Marcus and Associates it is not just about job placement it is about staying connected.

    Aviva H., Director of Internal Controls, Advertising Conglomerate
  • As a corporate recruiter I have relied on Marcus Associates for nearly 10 years as a trusted source of qualified and quality talent for “difficult to fill” opportunities in the risk management and finance areas. Particularly appreciated is the efficiency of the recruiters who do not “posture” with the hiring manager but instead produce a small selection of on target resumes quickly and discreetly.

    Carol W., VP Recruiting, Commercial Banking Conglomerate
  • I have entrusted a significant portion of my career (since 1996) to Marcus & Associates and their expert guidance and have always been impressed with the organization’s level of professionalism and dedication to the best interests of the individual candidate. Over the years I have passed on the name of Marcus & Associates as a trusted career advisor and my first choice in executive recruiting.

    Sean C., Director of Accounting, Top US Bank
  • You’ve demonstrated that you stand apart from the pack of headhunters and I couldn’t be more proud and privileged to refer others to you in the future.

    Steve M., Director Accounting Policy
  • Just wanted to thank you so much for representing me to your client. I am disappointed that I was not selected for the position but will take away the experience to sharpen up my interviewing skills. It is a comfort to me that you are such a professional in the way you screen and prep a candidate and when I am once again in the position of looking for an employee I know you will be the first person I contact and will recommend you to anyone in a similar position.

    Trish D., Treasury Director, Global Banking Conglomerate
  • Marcus & Associates assisted me in obtaining my current position. Throughout the job search process, they were professional, responsive and took a genuine interest in my career goals and aspirations. Although I was not actively searching for jobs, Marcus & Associates kept me abreast of new developments in the job market and ensured my knowledge was current and accurate. I highly recommend working with Marcus & Associates and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

    James W., Associate, Corporate Treasury, Top Investment Bank
  • Marcus & Associates made my transition to new career path efficient and smooth. I was unsure the direction my career would take and they made sure to offer a comprehensive background on each position available to me. They offered excellent guidance as I searched for a new opportunity that would improve my professional and personal life, and provided thorough answers to the many questions I had. I value the relationships that I built within their firm and would recommend the company to any professional in search of a new position in the workforce.

    Sarah B., Former Big 4 CPA
  • Not all executive search firms are created equal. The most of them are focused on making the next sale. However, occasionally you find a firm that puts the long term relationship and client satisfaction as its primary objectives. Ellen Marcus runs one such firm and I had the pleasure of doing business with her for over 10 years. I had gotten a job through her and hired through her. I must say, she is 100% professional in both ways. She believes in vetting the candidate thoroughly before presenting it to the potential employer and does not make a sale pitch or create pressures. When seeking a job, you can be assured that she will present you to the hiring manager only if she believes it is the right fit for you professionally and personally- no wild goose chases. You can depend upon her knowledge of the market, extensive network and professional integrity as a hiring manager and as a job seeker.

    Tariq A., MD, Head of Risk Audit
  • Marcus and Associates has been an exceptionally professional firm to work with. In addition they went the extra mile to make sure I knew what was going on through the entire process. The will make sure that you and your future employer are the best match and the best deal.

    Lou D., Tax Associate, Fortune 500 Conglomerate
  • Working with Marcus & Associates is a pleasure. Cormac and John were able to present me with two fantastic opportunities. They helped me prepare for interviews giving me the best chance to get an offer. Thanks to their help, I accepted an offer that exceeded all of my expectations.

    Jason R., Finance Manager, Retail and Apparel Firm
  • Ellen has a unique talent for getting to know her clients and matching not only a candidates' skills to appropriate positions, but also understanding the personality fit of the people she places in those organizations. She helped me assemble nearly my entire team in one organization, and this contributed to a very collegial environment, which made us both a more efficient and happier team. She's also an effective negotiator when it comes to compensation, facilitating a real meeting of the minds between hiring managers and candidates that results in a high acceptance rate and ongoing employee satisfaction. I also appreciate the fact that Ellen makes herself available to share input and advice from her perspective, even when I don't have an open position to fill. I feel I have a true partner in Ellen.

    Cathy G. Head of Internal Audit, NA Global Bank
  • It is rare to have someone like you to take the time to share your "recruiter" experience. Virtually all are focused on the next transaction and not really helping out when they do not have skin in the game.

    Gina L, PMO Group, Top Bank
  • Working with Jacob has proven to be the key success to a recent major career move. When you meet with Jacob, he has a unique ability to know where you should be interviewing and who you should be meeting with. There's no wasted efforts. He has an extensive real estate network and reaches out to his contacts when he sees a match between client and company. He will work for what's best for you and truly doesn't give up on clients when he knows it's the right fit. He's always there to take your calls and provide valuable insight along the interview process. He gets the job of getting you a job done!

    Michele R. CFO
  • Immediately after speaking with Jacob the first time, I thought to myself that the conversation was unlike any I've had with a recruiter. Jacob was thorough; he did his research before reaching out to me and had very intelligent, pointed questions about my background and prospective future. He called me shortly after and told me that he had a great opportunity for me that he thought would be a great fit. A few days later he had already secured me an interview and within two weeks he proudly called me to tell me that they were offering me a position. Even prior to us meeting in person, Jacob had a sense of my personality and skill set. He is meticulous, smart, and just happens to know everyone who is anyone in the real estate world. Jacob redefined my understanding of a recruiter, because he was so much more. He was a consultant, a mentor, and a diligent advocate on my behalf. I would highly recommend meeting with Jacob if you are in the real estate world and are starting to look for new opportunities. He is a true professional in every sense.

    Elan B. SVP Operations
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jacob recently and found him to be a diligent, intelligent, passionate, and honest recruiting professional who is dedicated to helping his clients in any capacity. I was pleased to find that Jacob was so accessible, and quickly realized that 24/7 constant service is the epitome of who he is. Jacob’s extensive knowledge of the real estate industry allows him to ensure the perfect match for the clients he represents. Not only has Jacob proven himself to be the best recruiter I have worked with, he has proven to be a great friend and one that I will be in touch with for years to come. I highly recommend Jacob for your future recruiting needs.

    Jordan VP FP&A