Contingent Search

Put our Experience and Connections to Work for You

At Marcus & Associates, we have spent decades building long-standing and personal relationships with leaders in the fields of finance, accounting and real estate. We use our trusted networks to find that right combination of leadership and technical skills that is so crucial to growing your team. Not only can we connect you with candidates who are active in-market but, by tapping into our vast networks, we are able to identify and introduce you to those hard-to-find, highly-qualified, passive candidates. Our unparalleled industry and subject matter expertise has earned us the reputation as the go-to recruiter for difficult and unique searches.

Candidates, Referred
and Vetted

Our clients know that when we present them with a candidate, it is usually someone that we have known throughout their career or have been referred to by someone we have known and trusted through the years. They rely on us for our insight and know that when we send them candidates, they are already vetted. We save time by producing a select group of on-target resumes and respond to feedback quickly. In addition, our 30-plus year reputation of integrity and subject matter expertise enables us to attract top talent who may be reticent to use recruiters, affording our clients a look at unique candidates in the market.

Red quotations

Ellen has a unique talent for getting to know her clients and matching not only a candidates' skills to appropriate positions, but understanding the personality fit needed as well. She helped me assemble nearly my entire team in one organization, which contributed to a very collegial, efficient and happier team. She's also an effective negotiator when it comes to compensation, resulting in a high acceptance rate and ongoing employee satisfaction. Ellen always makes herself available to share input and advice, even when I don't have an open position to fill. I feel I have a true partner in Ellen.

Cathy G.
Chief Operational Risk Officer
Global Financial Services Company

Best Resume-to-Hire Ratio

What Marcus & Associates is perhaps most known and appreciated for—and why our clients keep coming back to us—is that we don’t waste their time. We know what you want and won’t send you paperwork until we have the candidate you should see. And when you get that resume, odds are, the candidate gets hired. We have consistently been rated against our peers as having the best resume-to-hire ratio when assessed by in-house recruitment partners.

Relationships Matter

We help our recruitment partners understand the motivation and mindset of candidates they are interviewing, ensuring there are no surprises. We thrive on working side by side and in cooperation with our internal recruiter partners. Relationships matter and we enjoy creating positive working relationships with our talent acquisition partners to create the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates alike.

Applied Search for Faster,
Guaranteed Results

Are you interested in a more comprehensive approach with guaranteed results, but you aren’t sure you can commit to a full retainer? Get the best of a retainer and a smaller commitment with our Applied Search offering.